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How much does it cost to rent a limo?

So, when it comes to using limousine rental services then most of people prefer Google to know how much does a limo service cost. It can be quite intimidating for people to call out about the car service especially when they are doing it for the very first time. There are various things to know for you about limo service if you have never done this before which can let you know more aspects to consider regarding limo rental with ease. As most of the people out there have no prior experience with transportation or limousine services in Rockford IL before due to which they may be not sure about to get started with this more effectively. Well, there is no need to worrie about this, it is because here you can find entire information to get proper help in this regard.

So, you want to rent a limo.
Do you want to rent a limo but do not know how much does it cost? Well, few things can affect the cost of a limo service. Without getting a better idea about these things it can be complicated for you to learn about different types of limousines and their rental costs that exist out there. You need to consider the ways you can book this service for you in a better way unless you know someone who is providing this service. Otherwise, it is always important to get prepared with enough information with the ideas and questions before making your call. So, have a look at the way to make the best way to price for a limo service to your next occasion.

How much does a limo service cost?

Here are some major things which you have to determine while figuring out how much renting a limo will cost:

  • Styles of limo service: This is the major factor due to which limo rental services are varying. It is because no all of the limos are the same. Different limos are having different passengers’ capacity and varying rental costs accordingly.
  • Time can also impact your renting cost: Time of day for which you want to hire a limo service can also impact the rental cost. Normally, evening or party limo services are having higher hourly rates than the day time rental services. Even more, the demand for limo party buses is higher on weekends therefore, this factor can also impact the rental cost.
  • The time duration for which a limo is required: whether you want to hire a limo service on an hourly basis or want to use this for a set time, this can also give a difference in your limo rental cost.
  • Gratuity handling: Every company has its own way to handle gratuity. Some may include this cost into your entire cost while others mention these charges separately when quoting you.

Average rates of Limo services

The following table will help you to get a better idea about the average prices of limo rental services:

Vehicle TypeNumber of GuestsHourly Rate
Stretch limo6 or fewer$75
Stretch limo6 – 10$100
Stretch limo13 – 20$130-$250
SUV limo6 or fewer$80
SUV limo6-10$120
SUV limo10-14$150
SUV limo20 – 40$200-$250
SUV6 or fewer$75
Classic car4 or fewer$120
Luxury sedan4 or fewer$60
Town car4 or fewer$60

How much does it cost to rent a limo on an hourly basis?

Well, when it comes to hiring a limo service on an hourly basis then you need to understand the fact that the average limo rate varies from $70 to $150 hourly. Therefore, hiring a limo service for 4 hours will cost you between $280 and $600 while hiring a stretch limo service which can accommodate up to 20 people will cost you around $400 to $1,000 for 4 hours. However, if we talk about the small limo which can hold up to 8-passengers it will cost between $350 and $600 for 5 hours excluding tips. While a limo party bus or stretch Hummer may cost from $750 to $1,500 for 5 hours. However, when you are hiring a limo service then it is highly important to ask about the availability of a stock bar on a party bus.

Should I give any tip to the driver?

According to various specialists in transportation services, it is better to tip the limo driver 20% of your bill. However, while getting limo service for the airport it can be better to give 20% to your limo driver for your luggage. Since the limo drivers sometimes struggle hard to adjust more people in tough situations, therefore, it is highly important to please them to appreciate their efforts which they putting to make your efforts more special in the best possible way. so, getting some compensation is quite fine for them as returning the favor.

What other fees are included?

If you are planning to travel for a long distance then it can cost you some extra money depending on the distance, gas expenditure and a number of passengers who are willing to travel with you. However, when you are budgeting your limo service and trying to calculate the entire cost then you should not forget to include the following fees in your budget. The fees which are mentioned here are estimated. However, some limo service providers also charge you extra if your destination place is out of their designated areas. However, you must have a look at the service charges which are given below to know more about the things in this regard:

Types of FeesCost
Driver Tip10%
Outside of RangeVaries
Overtime100% pro proprated
Stop$15-30 per stop

This is highly important for you to understand the fact that the prices given in the table are estimated. however, these prices may vary in your area, tax ratios, and tips, etc. It is always better to check documentation and clear all of the charges which you have to bear to get a limo service properly. This will prevent you from any misunderstanding and misleading issues. Always read the terms and conditions carefully.