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World is changing. Travelling today has become very easy. You don’t need to mount on horse or on a camel to go from one place to other. All you need to is to open the Uber app or call a limo service to do the job for you. Both services are good in their own ways. Both of these services are popular in cities like Rockford, IL. In this article, we will discuss Uber and a limo service. We will also critically compare both of these services and will leave you to decide which one is best.


The term Limousine is referred to those vehicles which are luxury and comfortable. A common limousine is a long stretched sedan car with more sitting capacity than a normal sedan car. The driver of a limousine is called Chauffeur. Chauffeur is a driver but he is more professional in his work. The services that a Chauffeur provides are incomparable to an ordinary driver. Many limousine rental services are available. When you need a limo, just call a limo service provider and the car will be on your doorstep. Sit inside and enjoy the ride.


Uber is an online taxi service. The Uber app is available on both android and IOS. Download the app, put your pick up and drop off location and the different types of vehicles will be shown on screen with different fares. Select the one you want and the taxi will be on your doorstep. The drivers in Uber are not professional in many ways. They are just ordinary people trying to do some part time job. The driver of Uber is also the owner of his car. He just gets rides, drop them on their location through his car and get some wages for it.


Uber is better in some ways when compared with a limo service. In this section we will give some points that will support Uber service against limousine service. The points are:


    Uber is a very transparent service. All you need to do is to open the app and hire a driver. The App will show how much time it will take the driver to reach your location. When driver is arrived, sit in the car and start traveling. In short, traveling with Uber is very easy.


    Although the drivers of Uber are not completely hired by the company but still traveling with Uber is safe. When you hire a car from Uber, you will get each and every required detail of the driver and his car. You can also check his rating given by past customers. In case, if any unfortunate event happens, you can report about the driver to any near police station and your problem will be solved in less time.


    Uber is very cheap when you compare it with ordinary taxi. You get amazing services with very low price. Although you don’t get a luxury car but they get the job done. When you just want to travel for daily purpose then Uber is the best way to do that. Obviously, you will not hire a luxury limo to reach your office daily.


    Uber app provides a transparent map. It will show your traveling movements in real time. You can save yourself from any unfortunate event using this service. You can also guide the driver about the easy routes to your location.


A Limousine cannot be compared with anything when it comes to class and luxury. Limousine is car for special occasions. You don’t want to bring your bride in an ordinary Uber taxi. All you need to do is to hire a limo service and let your bride sit inside and do some romantic chatting with her. Some other points that will support limousines against Uber are:


    Uber drivers are not professional at all. They are just doing a part time job to earn some extra money. While that is not the case with limo, limousine is not only luxury but it also provides the best traveling experience with best service. The Chauffeur will almost do anything for you comfort. He will also open and close the door for while sometimes Uber drivers don’t even say hi.


    It doesn’t matter if you cannot afford a luxury car because you can hire one. Limousine rentals provide some of the most luxurious cars. You only need to hire one and travel with some style and class. While sitting in a limousine, you can also show off to your friends and closed ones.


    Would you really prefer an ordinary Uber taxi for bachelor party, not right? For special occasions you need some special things too. When you want to keep a memorable traveling on your special occasion, hire a limousine and you will never forget the day. Limousine cars are not like other normal cars. They are equipped with the best luxuries possible. Whether it is your wedding or someone’s funeral, hire a limousine because they are made for it.


    Fares are not lower than Uber but when you compare the total fare of a limo service with its provided luxury and professional service then the fare is nothing but a grain in sand. The fare of a limo is almost closer to a normal Uber fare but it is little bit higher.


In some countries, Uber also provides limousine services. This service is just like any other limo service. If that is the case than Uber is good but here we are comparing other limo services with ordinary Uber cars and that’s why this article suggests that Limousines are better than normal Uber cars. But in the end we leave you to decide which one is good and comfortable for you.