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How much does it cost to tip a driver?

You have probably used a limo service, car service or sedan for vacation or business etc. and if you are going to use it for the first time then you should put some money aside to tip the driver. Even if you are not a regular customer, you can see how much effort chauffeur puts in making your trip a remarkable one. If he did meet your expectations or exceeded them, then there should be something for appreciation of all the hard work and efforts. Here is where the tip comes in. Giving a tip should not be that hard; if you liked the service, tip the chauffeur as a token of appreciation. But it can be confusing at times when you do not use it often.

Why you should give him a tip?

It is important to know how the industry works. A chauffeur drives for a living and they spend time in accommodating customers as they take clients to their events, airport drop-offs, they need to have all the knowledge about routes, traffic conditions and they schedule the ride according to the conditions so that the passenger can arrive at their destination on time. They need to meet high standards and being a chauffeur requires patience, attention to details and punctuality.

You are giving ten tip to them because they were helpful, they provided good service in the moment and for the future service as well if you want to be remembered. The average income of the driver is $34000 yearly and hourly they can earn $11.51 and it varies greatly. They rely on the tips to increase their hourly income to support their families. So if you liked their exceptional service then it will not hurt to give some tip to the driver.

Things to keep in mind

Before giving a tip, keep two things in mind i.e.

  • Make sure giving a tip is not considered as an insult because it all depends on the culture and which part of the world are you in.

  • As if your gratuity is already included in the bill because most companies include the tip in the bill due to various reasons. So make sure you are double tipping.

Conditions that will affect the tip

Deciding the amount of tip can be a hard task because you have to keep certain things in mind like how much they are paid, their hard work and cultural traditions etc. The tipping rate can depend on various conditions such as

  • Vehicle – The type of vehicle in which you are travelling ranging from limousine to sedan makes a huge difference. They require special training and skills.
  • Service – This can never be ignored. How was the service? Did you like it? Did driver do everything he can to make your trip memorable? Was there a water bottle or newspaper and such things to make you feel at home? All things matter while giving a tip to the driver.
  • Luggage – Take the amount of luggage you are travelling with into consideration when tipping. Are you travelling with a single bag or a bunch of heavy bags that the driver will carry, load and unload for you?
  • Traffic and routes – Did the driver take the shortest route? Was there a lot of traffic on the way? If the driver did not have any option and he got stuck in a traffic then you should pay him accordingly because due to this, he will not be able to carry out his other tasks. Being a generous human, you should pay him more.
  • Off the clock – Drivers also have to wait often when the client is attending an event especially if they are a part of event transportation. The driver may also be responsible for cleaning the car etc. So you should give them appropriate tip for their time.
  • Duration of the trip – if you are giving the same tip for driving for five miles and for thirty miles then you are doing it wrong. The longer the ride; the more you should pay. For instance, a short trip such as a drop off to the airport, you can give a tip of $5-10 and if a trip goes over for an hour then $20 minimum.
  • Sharing the ride – if you are travelling with other passengers then the amount of tip will change. You can pay $2-5 for short trip and 15-20 percent for longer ones.

How much will the tip cost?

Generally the people will tip the driver 15% and if the service was extraordinary then 20%. The good and bad news about tipping is that there is no right amount for a tip. Chauffeurs often rely on these tips because their hourly wage is far below than an average one. So they try to make their service as good and courteous as they can, so that they can earn a generous tip which will increase their hourly income.

Other than keeping the above factors into account before tipping the driver, you should also follow some general tips for tipping the driver

  • Follow the standard tipping of 15-20 % which should apply to the total amount of the rent. For example, if the limo’s rent is $500 for a night then a 20% tip of $100 would be fair.
  • For limousine chauffeurs pay $10-20 for airport rides and short rides and $50-100 for longer rides.
  • For taxi drivers, pay them 10-15 % extra of the total fare.
  • Always pay in cash

Bottom line

Tipping has become an integral part of our everyday life and after some time, you will be able to know when you have received a good service and when not, and how much you should pay. Giving tips to the driver should not be complicated. Just follow this guide and you will never find yourself in an awkward situation where you have to think how much amount you should pay. Your generosity and thoughtfulness will make a huge difference in the driver’s life.